Feasibility test for your business idea

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Complimentary BA Session includes

Kick-off meeting
Defining business model, key goals and 1-3 years focus, market penetration plan

Interviewing stakeholders to clarify expectations, concerns and challenges
As-is Analysis
Preliminary analysis of the chosen business model and tech stack

Basic marketing research

Business processes audit
To-be Action Plan
Critical risks and challenges outline

Strategic market penetration plan

Setting up a framework for business processes configuration
Walkthrough meeting
Advising on the system architecture and improvements on the technological side

Outlining changes that should be made to allow achieiving key goals
We help development teams, who want to turn ideas into reality, embrace new approaches from the design of the software product, to development, infrastructure, and scaling
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We provide value-driven consulting on designing the products that delight. We have mastered the approaches and techniques to help you shape the product idea, elaborate killer features and define market niche.
Complimentary BA Audit
Gain instant insights into your product's market niche and features list
  • Audit results within 1 week
  • High-level risks definition
  • Mapping core business goals
  • Action plan to address key challenges
  • 1-3 years focus definition
  • Basic market and competitors research
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In-depth Idea Validation
Enjoy access to all tools and expertise to design, test and plan product development
  • Product mission and S.M.A.R.T goals
  • Target audience and market niche
  • Market penetration plan and ROI strategy
  • Business level metrics
  • Delivery model description
  • High-performing team configuration
  • Product constraints and capabilities
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Product Design & Idea Validation

Validating business model at an early stage through careful market research and designing the product to fit customers' needs lay solid foundation for a tech startup to succeed.

Profits follow those who manage to efficiently test the concept prior to product development, implement business model that proved reasonable, plan comprehensively and consequently execute the winning go-to-market strategy.
Market analysis
Focus groups, surveys, research, and more to discover insights on the challenges your buyers face and features they crave
Competitors analysis
In-depth analysis of the competitive landscape to discover the market opportunities and outline value-added features
Business model testing
Identifying assumptions and stress testing your ideas to pursue high-potential business model and secure investments
Gap analysis
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of your product's current performance to identify shortfalls and unlock desired potential
Features design
Defining product concept, generating, validating and prioritizing definitive features list, use cases and ultimate evolution roadmap
UI/UX design
Designing meaningful experiences and streamlined interaction models for users through prototyping, wireframes, etc
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