An online crowdsourcing and professional solution providing a data-driven approach to translation has been built from scratch by Cprime Studios in 2009
Partnering since 2009
580K + hours of project
43 Engineers based in Ukraine
On-line businesses must reach non-English speaking web users in their native language, but translation processes in 2009 have been too slow and manual to keep pace with business needs.

Founders of Smartling wanted to architect and design a translation management platform that could enable customers to localize content across devices and platforms easy and fast.

Smartling was planning to create Enterprise Translation Cloud, a data-driven approach to localization, to allow its customers to achieve higher quality translation at a lower total cost.
Partnership with Cprime Studios allowed Smartling to be market-ready in record time. Working together with a high-performing team of 5 Cprime Studios engineers Smartling has managed to build the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in less than a year. The team received first investments which enabled aggressive team scaling.

Currently, Smartling is leveraging the direct team management model, being able to focus on enhancing and improving the internal development processes. For almost 10 years Cprime Studios has been staffing the augmented team engaged in scaling and supporting Smartling platform, having it grown to 40+ engineers based in Ukraine today.

The flexible top-talent outsourcing model helped Smartling significantly cut expenses, which was especially important at the initial stage of building MVP. Smartling gained recognition by Dow Jones, Wall Street Journal's "FASTech 50" for being the most innovative startup and gathered another $63.1M in 4 Rounds from 12 Investors over the next few years.
  • Tools to automate the translation process
  • Features to automate marketing practices
  • Computer-assisted or machine translation tools
  • Centralized multilingual content management
  • Reporting to analyze translation quality and effectiveness

By combining robust content management, automated translation, powerful integrations with existing tools, machine learning, and much more, Smartling offers a complete and comprehensive solution.

Value delivered by Cprime Studios team

Staffing right IT talents
A team of 40+ engineers staffed by Cprime Studios collaborates with distributed Smartling team to support development and infrastructure across multiple data centers serving more than 1 billion page views per month
Extreme speed to market
The team is very efficient using modern agile software development processes including continuous deployment: new code is moved to production multiple times each day for exceptional speed to market of the new features and bug fixes
Product certification assistance
Cprime Studios has assisted in achieving PCI Level 1 and SOC2 certificates in 2012. Every year the certificates have to be re-confirmed and Cprime Studios provides consultancy, supports in this process and ensures continuous compliance

Smartling today

The company is recognized by Common Sense Advisory as the #1 Leader of the 2019 MarketFlex for Language-Oriented TMS, and by G2 Crowd as the Leader of the 2019 G2 Grid for Translation Management

Recently, AI-powered translation software and services provider received a gold award for industry-leading Quality Confidence Score™, a proprietary machine learning algorithm that aggregates data gathered from billions of translated words processed by Smartling's platform to predict and improve translation quality.
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