We can streamline your digital solution development or launch it from scratch
Discover more opportunities for your product during a Discovery Call with Cprime Studios Delivery Manager

How it works and what you get?

2-hours Discovery Call
You describe your business and the challenges that you have encountered with your product development to one of Cprime Studios Delivery Managers.
DM asks additional questions and discovers the areas of potential optimization and advancement.
Instant Easy-to-implement Takeaways
By the end of the session, the Delivery Manager gives you instant feedback with the quick-to-introduce steps that could help you overcome emerging obstacles and improve productivity.
In-depth analysis with our professional team
Cprime Studios Delivery Manager also provides you with the list of options on how to proceed in the long run: you will be able to book additional paid sessions with other professionals on our team, like Business and System Analysts and Solution Architects, who would perform a comprehensive analysis of your project beyond the pain points you mention during the Discovery Call.
Estimates for delegating product development
After the Discovery Call, Cprime Studios Delivery Manager will be able to provide you with estimates of delegating the development to a third-party vendor. Be it our professional team or any other vendor, you will have clear guides on what and how should be done, what timeframes and costs could potentially be involved.
Get more with our Business Analysis
We have mastered the approaches and techniques to help you shape the product idea, elaborate killer features, check technological and business risks and define the market niche.
Complimentary BA Audit
Gain instant insights into your product's market niche and features list
  • Audit results within 1 week
  • High-level risks definition
  • Mapping core business goals
  • Action plan to address key challenges
  • 1-3 years focus definition
  • Basic market and competitors research
In-depth Idea Validation
Enjoy access to all tools and expertise to design, test and plan product development
  • Product mission and development roadmap
  • Target audience and market niche
  • Market penetration plan and ROI strategy
  • Delivery model description
  • High-performing team configuration
  • Product constraints and capabilities

Discuss your development challenges with a hardcore Delivery Manager

Learn how to overcome conflicts, solve technological and process issues, manage development teams and optimize delivery.
Get instant tips by the end of a Free 2-hours Discovery Call to implement on your own.
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